How To Write A College Paper

Let’s get indulged in writing a paper in apa format, has this task been too hard for you? Have you tried the American Psychological writing format in your life ever? This is one of the largely used formats of writing in academic papers and belongs to the field of science. It has prevailed through time and numerous changes have been made in this type of format so far. We have listed some useful points that should be followed by anyone who is trying to adopt the APA format and I’m sure it’ll help him in the long run.

Generally, these guidelines are followed in writing a paper in APA format:

1 – Margin : Although normally, the requirement of margin is 1.5 inch, now it has been approved that you must have 1 inch of margin drawn on all sides of your page.

2 – Font Size: The size of the font should be set to 12 PTS and it should be the Times New Roman selected for this format.

3 – Spacing: You must produce double spaces for the documents including footnotes, tables and figures. For easy to understand spacing you should space once after commas, colons and semi-colors within any sentence.

4 – Indentation – Alignment should be on the left hand side and if not on left then it should be placed on the uneven right margin.

5 – Active Voice: Normally, the APA writing style is written with an impersonal form. That is, setting yourself as an example like ‘We’ in your statements that you’ll make through out the format. The best gimmick is to replace the alphabet ‘I’ with the word ‘We’ and check if it’s making sense, if it does then you’re on the correct path.

6 – Title Page; the title page must contain the title of your paper and also the name of the author, your institutional affiliation and also an author’s note if this is applicable. In case you’re missing out on affiliation, type in the name of the city or state. Please be informed that this title page will be on the first page of your project and it should be typed in the centre of the page. If your title is too long to be fitted into a single line do not forget to put double spaces after making it a doubled line title. I’m sure if you follow up with these guidelines you will not have problems in writing a paper in apa format.